Meet Periwinkle, she is a Frost Talent fairy, which means she can manipulate ice and snow!  She is Tinkerbell's sister, they were born of the same laugh!

Periwinkle has some similarities with Tinkerbell: 

They both collect Lost Things, but Periwinkle prefers to call them "Found Things".

They both love chamomile tea though Tinkerbell prefers hers heated and Periwinkle prefers hers iced. 

They resemble each other by their noses, and their wing patterns are identical. However, Periwinkle's hair, skin and eyes are all much lighter than Tinkerbell's. 

They both use pom poms on their shoes, but Peri usually wears them at home. 

They both use the same catchphrase which is the word "Jingles". 

They both have the same whistle.